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Safety Cover Installation

Safety cover installation will generally require two visits by our crew to your home (but you do not necessarily need to be present during the visits). You can request a quote on a safety cover online by providing us with the approximate size and shape of your pool as well as the type of material you want. Should you accept the quote, we will need to collect a deposit immediately and then we will dispatch a technician to measure and visually inspect your pool area and the type of pool deck.

Once we ensure that any obstacles around your deck have been accounted for and we have an accurate size of your pool, we will place an order for the material and stitching of your safety cover. This process generally takes under a week, but could occasionally take up to 14 business days during the busy season. 

As soon as we receive your completed cover from the manufacturer, we will schedule a time for installation with you. During the installation visit, our crew will drill the anchors into your deck and put the cover over your pool. (Of course, if you order a cover during the middle of the swimming season, you probably don't want your pool covered immediately. In this case we can just leave the cover with you and you can cover the pool yourself at the end of the season or have the company that closes your pool in autumn do it for you)

Safety Cover Installation

Please note that the price of safety cover installation will vary depending on the material of your pool deck and whether there is limited space available around it. Installation of anchors into a concrete deck is cheaper than into interlock and if any anchors have to be installed in odd positions to accomodate waterfalls or other obstacles, that will increase the cost of installation. To get an accurate quote, please provide us with as much detail about your pool area as you can.