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Types of Safety Covers

Our pool safety covers are custom cut and sized to ideally fit your pool. They are made of top quality polyproylene making them resistant to algae, mildew and rot, which we order only from the best suppliers.

Compared to a simple cover made out of fabric, polypropylene safety pool covers are tougher, more durable and more safe. They will stop your children or pets from accidentally falling into the pool during the off-season and also prevent any water or dirt from leaking into the pool, which in turn will make the next year's pool opening cheaper and easier!

Polypropylene safety cover

The material for safety covers comes in squares measuring either 3 by 3 or 5 by 5 feet and most of the covers are stitched out of these squares. Individual covers can be trimmed and resized to better match the shape of your pool, but this means additional costs which in most cases can be avoided. A safety cover doesn't have to fit your pool exactly like a liner - having a slightly bigger cover is perfectly fine, unless you have limited space or obstacles around your deck (such as waterfalls) which make anchor installation more difficult.

Both types of safety covers have their advantages and disadvantages:

Covers made out of 3 by 3 feet blocks are thicker and more durable, so they will generally last longer and they can also hold more weight. However, this also makes them heavier and more expensive.

5 by 5 covers are the opposite - they are lighter and cheaper, but will tolerate less overall load and may wear out faster in harsh conditions.

Either of the materials is available in a variety of colours, so you can select one that best matches the design of your pool deck and surroundings.

Different colors of safety covers